Mailman Bags
Date Posted: March 13, 2010

  1. Project:      Negotiated Bidding for HGC Corporate Giveaways (Mailman Bags)
  2. Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) :      P1,955,000.00
  3. Specifications
  4. Quantity Eight Hundred Fifty pieces
    Material Leather (cow hide)
    Quality of leather Class A, Top Grain, imported tanned
    Color Dark brown, glossy
    Lining Imported and water resistant
    Size 36 cm x 25 cm x 8 cm top side and 10 cm bottom base
    Other features With compartments; imported sling leather 1.5 inches wide; imported accessories such as nickel coated steel adjusters and zippers (No. 5), plastic flap zipper; thread counts should be thicker than 30; debossed HGC logo
    Packaging Top and bottom laminated box. The bidders may propose other packaging options

  5. Delivery Date :      Thirty (30) days from receipt of the Purchase Order

  6. Other Instructions :

    1. Submission of proposals/offers

      1. Interested manufacturers or traders of high quality leather products should submit their best and final financial proposals together with the performance bond in a sealed envelope on or before 10:00 AM of March 19, 2010 at the HGC-BAC Secretariat, Administrative Department, Ground Floor, Jade Building,335 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City.

      2. Bid Security which shall be in any of the following forms, amounts and validity period of at least one hundred twenty (120) days from the date of the opening of proposal.

      3. Form of Bid Security
        Amount of Bid Security
        Cash, manager’s /cashier’s check 2% of the Approved Budget for the Contract
        Surety Bond callable upon demand issued by a surety or insurance company 5% of the Approved Budget for the Contract

      4. The financial proposal should be accompanied by one (1) sample of the bidder’s proposed mailman bag following the above specifications (HGC logo is optional). The winning bidder will be required to submit sample of mailman bag with HGC logo before actual production.

    2. Opening of proposals/offers
    3. The proposals shall be opened by the HGC-BAC immediately after the deadline set. The participating bidders or their duly authorized representative/s may attend the opening of the proposals.

    4. Evaluation of proposals/offer

      1. The financial offers should not exceed the ABC. The proposal which exceeds the ABC shall immediately be disqualified from the evaluation.

      2. The proposal shall be ranked using the Quality-Cost method, where 60% is allocated for Quality and 40% for Cost. The Quality shall be evaluated based on the following criteria:

      3. Workmanship 40%
        Packaging 20%
        Functionality 405

      4. The bidder whose proposal obtained the highest rate using the above criteria shall be declared as the winner and shall be awarded the contract.

      5. If the winning bidder fails to comply with the terms of the award, his performance security shall be forfeited and the second highest rated bidder shall be awarded with the contract. The process shall be repeated on the next highest rated bidder until an award is made and the contract is completed.

    5. Other inquiries regarding the negotiated bidding shall be directed to the HGC-BAC Secretariat at telephone Numbers 897-32-94 and 897-32-66

    6. The HGC-BAC reserves the right to reject any and or all bids or waive any required formality therein or to accept the bid as may be considered as advantageous to the Corporation.

Vice-Chair, Bids and Awards Committee