Request for a loan restructuring?  

Fills-out application form for restructuring of arrearages and submits the following documents:

  1. Birth certificate (including that of Co-Borrower/Buyer);
  2. Community Tax Certificate and TIN;
  3. Picture (including that of Co-Borrower/Buyer);
  4. Proof of income (including that of Co-Borrower/Buyer);
  5. Latest payslip, (original or certified true copy); and
  6. Any 2 valid IDs (including that of Co-Borrower/Buyer).

Evaluates the application and the submitted documents. Computes the arrearages and prepares the Financial Package (FP) under the various restructuring programs available.


Selects the appropriate restructuring program and affixes his/her signature on the appropriate portion of the FP. Starts paying the revised monthly amortization, simultaneously with the current amortization, on due date.

Restructuring Guidelines for Delinquent Accounts

Application Form for restructuring