Invitation for Accreditation of HGC Transport Provider
Posted: May 22, 2012

The Home Guaranty Corporation (HGC) is inviting all interested Transport Service Corporations and Providers to apply for accreditation as HGC Transport Provider for the shuttle service requirements for its employees.

  1. Eligibility Requirements
  2. Interested Providers including individual and single proprietorship shall submit their application together with the following requirements to the Vice-Chair, Bids and Awards Committee on or before June 8, 2012:
    A. Letter Application for accreditation as Transport Provider;
    B. Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) business name registration or SEC Registration Certificate;
    C. BIR Registration Certificate (BIR Form No. 2303);
    D. Valid and updated Land Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Franchise;
    E. Valid and current Mayor’s Business Permit;
    F. Latest Audited Financial Statements stamped “received” by the BIR or its duly accredited and authorized institutions;
    G. Income Tax Return as of December 31, 2011 and Quarterly Business Tax Returns as of March 31, 2012 stamped “received” by the BIR or its duly accredited and authorized institutions;
    H. Tax Clearance from the BIR to prove full and timely payment of taxes as of December 31, 2011;
    I. Company Profile/History and Organizational Structure;
    J. List of former and current clients stating company name, contact person and telephone number (BAC Form No.4);
    K. List of vehicles indicating the following:
    No. of Vehicles :  
    Make :  
    Model/Year : not more than five years
    Type : airconditioned, minimum of 10 passengers
    LTO OR/CR registration :  
    L. Profile of Drivers;
    M. Duly notarized authorization for HGC to inquire or verify the documents submitted by the Provider with the issuing or originating agency or entity;
    N. Written authority for HGC representatives to conduct ocular inspection of their vehicles and carbarn.
  3. For inquiries, please call Ms. Rosemarie N. Principe or Ms. Helen H. Santamaria at telephone nos. 897-32-94 and 897-32-66.


Bids and Awards Committee