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INVITATION TO BID: Corporate Give-aways (Golf Umbrella)

Date Posted: Oct. 28, 2009



  1. Project: Two thousand (2,000) pieces of golf umbrella

  2. Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC): P1,000,000.00

  3. Specifications:

    Golf Umbrella

    Material : Nylon Tafetta with double layer cloth
    Ribs : Fiberglass
    Color : Black with silver metallic backing
    Print : HGC logo (3 inches)

    Company name printed in white color, under the logo HGC Logo and company name printed in one panel only

    Size : From ribs to tip should be 30 inches
    Packaging : Minimum standard is in Nylon Tafetta The bidders may propose their own design
    Others : With air ventilation
    Delivery Date : End of November 2009

  4. Other Instructions:

    1. Submission of Proposal
      • Deadline : On or before 2:00 PM of November 5, 2009
      • Where : The HGC-BAC Secretariat, Administrative Department, Ground Floor, Jade Building, 335 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
      • The participating bidders shall submit their financial proposals and two (2) samples of golf umbrella with the above specifications including the prints.

    2. Opening of Proposals

      The proposals shall be opened by the HGC-BAC immediately after the deadline set. The participating bidders or their duly authorized representatives may attend the opening of the proposals.

    3. Evaluation of Proposals and Notification of bidders

      1. The HGC-BAC shall evaluate the proposals based on the Quality-Cost method, wherein 50% shall be allocated for Cost and 50% for quality. The Quality of submitted samples shall be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:

        Workmanship 35%
        Packaging 20%
        Functionality and mechanism 35%
        Added features such as type of grip, Nametag and the likes 10%

      2. The bidder whose proposal obtained the highest rate using the above criteria shall be declared as the highest rated proposal.

      3. The HGC-BAC shall inform the bidder with the highest rated proposal to submit certain documents to establish its legal, technical and financial capability. The BAC Secretariat shall post qualify the said bidder by determining the authenticity and veracity of said documents or statements made by the bidder. If the highest rated proposal passes the post qualification, it shall be awarded the Project. Otherwise, the second highest ranking proposal shall be required to submit the same documents and the BAC shall post qualify the same. If it passes the post qualification, it shall be awarded the Project. The process shall be repeated until an award is made.

    4. All inquiries regarding the bidding shall be directed to the HGC-BAC Secretariat at telephone numbers 897-32-94 and 897-32-66.

    5. The HGC-BAC reserves the right to reject any or all bids or waive any required formality therein or to accept the bid as may be considered most advantageous to the Corporation.



Bids and Awards Committee