Bid Bulletin No. 1
Date Posted: November 5 2010

Subject: Bidding for the Supply of Printers

Date: October 29, 2010

As agreed upon in the Pre-Bid Conference, yesterday, October 28, 2010, the following shall be the amendments to the Terms of Reference and Instructions to Bidders for the supply of Printers:

  1. Terms of Reference
  2. Questions / Issues Raised Supplier remarks Decision/Resolution
    1. General type and Technology
    • Colour Printer with separate drum, toner and maintenance kit
    What do you mean by upgrades must be available? What is separate drum, separate toner. Firmware upgrades must be readily available in the internet. This refers to technology only, with a separate drum and toner. Maintenance kit refers to the drum, fuser and developer.
    2. Engine speed on the Mid-range Printers Can the “Up to” word be remove from 26 pages per minute in A4 in colour and b/w? Change to “at least 26 pages per minute in A4 in colour and b/w.”
    3. Resolution on the Mid-Range Printers 600x600 dpi - up to 9,600 x 600 dpi Multi-Bit Technology print quality. Change to at least 600x600 dpi - 9,600 x 600 dpi Multi-Bit Technology print quality.
    4. Duty Cycle on the Mid-range Printers What do you mean by “Max. 100,000 pages per month (A4)” This refers to the wear and tear of the printer. It should be able to print this number per month. This is the minimum requirement.
    5. General max. average monthly print volume on the Mid-range Printers   Removed
    6. Safety standards (GS, TÜV, CE) Can the ISO 14001 be replaced by Energy Star Yes

    7. Duplex unit
    What is the minimum and maximum double-side printing range that is acceptable? Double-side printing: 60–120 g/m² is the range.

    8. Processor
    Is it possible to lower (or relax) the processor speed? Which is most important the speed or its output? No. This is the minimum requirement. Lower processor will lower the transfer rate or the spooling, which is in-charge in printing multiple works from multiple user in much slower rate: PowerPC 440 / 667 MHz or better
    9. Controller language PRESCRIBE IIC Removed
    10. Fonts and Emulations Is it OK to remove the example of the barcodes emulation? No changes

    11. Standard interface
    Is the “Slot” or the “Compact Flash Card” optional? The Compact flash card is optional
    Additional Item: Printer Table Is there any requirement or specs on the table? Table must be able to support the weight of the printer.
    Warranty Clarification 2 years On-Site warranty (1 year on parts and 2 years onsite services)

    Photo paper glossy (US/Canada only)
    Is it possible to omit the “ Photo paper glossy (US/Canada only)” since we are living here in the Philippines? Removed

  3. Joint Venture
  4. Joint Venture partners may participate in the bidding.

    Persons/entities forming themselves into a joint venture, i.e, a group of two (2) or more persons/entities that intend to be jointly and severally responsible or liable for a particular contract; Provided, however, that Filipino ownership or interest thereof shall be at least sixty percent (60%). Filipino ownership or interest shall be based on the contributions of each of the members of the joint venture as specified in the joint venture agreement.

    The joint venture partners must submit a valid joint venture agreement (JVA), in case a joint venture is already in existence. In the absence of a JVA, the partners must submit duly notarized statements from all potential joint venture partners stating that they will enter into and abide by the provisions of the JVA in the instance that the bid is successful. Failure to enter into a joint venture in the event of a contract award shall be ground for the forfeiture of the bid security. Each partner of the joint venture shall submit the legal Eligibility documents. The submission of Technical and Financial Eligibility documents by any of the joint venture partners constitutes compliance.

  5. For bidders whose previous contracts with other clients were divided into several stages or parts, submission of official receipts constituting parts or stages already delivered and completed and the contract or purchase order shall be considered compliance with Section 1.3.B.4 of the Instructions to Bidders, provided that (1) such receipts shall have an aggregate amount of P592,600.00; and (2) contract for the entire project provides for the stages or part.

Vice-Chair, Bids and Awards Committee