Bid Bulletin No. 1
Date Posted: June 17, 2010

SUBJECT: Bidding of Microsoft Products, Technologies and Solutions (Systems Development)

DATE:          June 11, 2010

As discussed and agreed during the Pre-bid Conference of June 2, 2010, the Terms of Reference and Instructions to Bidders of the Microsoft Products, Technologies and Solutions (Systems Development) are hereby amended as follows:


    1. Page 3: Single Sign on Authentication
    2. Single Sign on Authentication is required to be part of the systems security features. Users with just a single log-in and based on their security level can access multiple data or systems.

    3. Page 39. Web-based Architecture and Rich desktop Gui. Please refer also to page 4 “The solution must support both Rich desktop and Web Gui for all application modules.”

    4. What is the Current Database System? Oracle System (SQL)

    5. Page 36. Do we need to ready the Payment Gateway Interface? Yes, once the system is completely ready, the future plan is to tie up the system with banks. These way clients will be able to pay online.

    6. What are the Warranty Periods of Microsoft Dynamics AX and the developed modules?

      • MS Dynamics AX One has its standard warranty for updates and patches, this should be a Microsoft given warranty of minimum One (1) year.
      • Warranty on the Module developed by system consultants will be proposed by the bidders and included in their Technical Proposals. The length of warranty shall be included in the factors for the evaluation of the bids. The longer the proposed warranty, the higher the evaluation score for that aspect will be obtained.

    7. Is there any need to purchase additional infrastructure, hardware or software?

      • All needed hardware are already available, however, the setup and installation of the new system and network assistance will be required to make sure all will run efficiently.
      • All software needed to run MS dynamics AX are in placed. These are: 1. MS SQL server 2009, and 2. MS Server 2008 rel. 1

    8. Is there a need to re-engineer existing processes?

      • Almost all processes are documented, portions that are pending will be handled by designated committees.
      • Processes that are currently manual based e.g. the manual of acceptance of payment will be revised to effectively transform into new electronic payment process.

    9. How about providing training on using the system?

      • Yes, as provided for in Number 6.8 of page 41, training services such as executive briefing - for Managers and UP; pilot users training; for the subject matter experts and MISD before acceptance; trainers training - all subject matter experts and all MISD staff and the technical training - all MISD staff. Training for the end users is also required.

    10. What is the delivery period? Is delivery period to be proposed by the bidders?

      • First deliverable ERP: 3 months
      • For the entire system: Maximum of two (2) years
      • If possible develop modules that can be started at the same time

      First priority is to deliver the ERP in 3 months time.


    1. Financial Documents
      Does the bidders need to extend the term of the cash deposit certificate?
    2. Yes, it should be extended until to the time the contract is awarded.

    3. 4.5.2 The Consulting Fee per person per day would be per module cost instead.

    4. 4.6 Proposal Format
      What format should we follow?
    5. Follow the format prescribed under 4.6.1 and 4.6.2 on page 12. The following are clarifications on the Proposal Format:

      1. 4.6.1.d Tab 1 Mandatory Documents
      2. Mandatory Documents should include the following:

        • Bid Security
        • Joint Venture Agreement, if applicable
        • Sworn Statement referred to in Section
        • Draft Contract for the Project Implementation
        • Authority to Distribute the Microsoft Dynamics AX from Microsoft (Local or International)
        • Certification of Partnership from Microsoft or the Microsoft SPA
      3. 4.6.1.e Tab 2 Introduction
      4. Overview, Project Appreciation and Proposal Statement – The bidders should provide a brief narrative on his/her understanding on the projected solutions and the approach to be used therein.

      5. 4.5.1.j Tab 7 Annexes
      6. Fact Sheets - please fill-out the attached revised BAC Form C-10 (List of Key Officials/personnel to be assigned to the engagement). Also please use BAC Form C-14 for the Curriculum Vitae.

    6. Demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics AX on the opening of Technical and Financial Bids. This is a 10-minute demonstration of the eligible bidders to show their technical knowledge on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    7. The opening of Technical and Financial Bids is reset from June 17, 2010 to June 21, 2010 at the HGC Conference Room, 4th Floor Jade Building, 335 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City, 2:00 in the afternoon.

  3. All other provisions of the Terms of Reference and Instruction to Bidders not inconsistent herewith shall remain valid and binding.

Vice-Chair, Bids and Awards Committee