Bid Bulletin No. 1
Date Posted: March 2, 2011

Subject: Bidding of Security Services for HGC Head Office and its various assets/projects

Date: February 28, 2011

As discussed and agreed upon during the Pre-bid Conference of February 24, 2011, the Instructions to Bidders of the Security Services for HGC Head Office and its various assets/projects are hereby amended as follows:

  1. Item I.3.A 5 shall read as follows: Regular (not provisional) License to Operate issued by SAGSD – PNP.

    Bidders with pending application for license or renewal thereof, in lieu of the said regular license to operate, shall submit the copy of their application for renewal or issuance of license, receipt of payment and previously issued license to operate. Provided that before the award of the project to the winning bidder, the regular license to operate should be submitted, otherwise, the contract will be awarded to the second highest rated bidder.

  2. Item I.3.A.4 Valid and current Mayor’s Permit/Municipal License

    Bidders with pending application for renewal of Mayor’s permit must submit their application for renewal, receipt of payment and previously issued permit.

  3. Documents listed in Item I.3.A.6 and I.3.A.7 shall be submitted during the post qualification.

  4. Item I.3.B.2 shall read as follows: Statement showing a list (at least 3 each) of former and existing clients with verifiable certificate or proof of very satisfactory rating from at least three clients for the last two years, number of security guards posted with such clients, contact person, telephone number and address (BAC Form G-1).

  5. Item I.4.3 should be I.4.b

  6. Item I.5 shall read as follows: Envelope “C” shall contain the Financial Bid proposal consisting of the following revised BAC Form G-2 (Download Here):

    1. Duly Signed Bid Price with breakdown of cost;
    2. Terms of Payment

  7. Item II.3 shall read as follows: All bid documents (Envelopes A, B and C) shall be dropped in the bid box located at the 2nd Floor lobby of Jade Building not later than 2:00 p.m., March 9, 2011. The time indicated on the finger-scanning machine at the HGC lobby shall be the official time to be followed.

All other provisions of the Instruction to Bidders not inconsistent herewith shall remain valid and binding.

Vice-Chair, Bids and Awards Committee